Happy Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday

The Buffalo River Artisans
     We are so excited for Thanksgiving to be around the corner!  We want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! 
    Why put  Handmade Items in your gift giving this season?  Many of us grew up with moms or grandmom's who were crafty and gave us those homemade items that they lovingly fashioned when we were young.  Many of us have hung on to those handmade items as a token of love from a dear one that has passed on.  Some of us wish we still had that scarf or hat, or special item now.  In lieu of the homemade item we can still find that perfect handmade item at craft fairs, consignment shops, or on line that says something about the person giving the gift or to the person getting the gift.  Most handmade items you can find for sale are of superior quality.  The crafter or artist insists on the best quality materials for their items.  They put years of learning and experience- sometimes decades behind each item.  They have their name on it so they want your complete satisfaction!   Each item may be similar to one like it offered by the artist, but it will be unique.  Giving handmade gifts tell someone you thought about just them, and that your gift is as unique as you are.   
     Saturday the 25th of November is the national Small Business Saturday and we are joining the Chamber of Commerce in promoting this event!   Not to mention that our Annual Open House is always the Saturday after thanksgiving!  So to Celebrate we will have new items from our members, and a few new artists on hand with their wonderful handmade items!  A few light refreshments for our visitors as well!  Come to YOUR town and shop first!  We will be open from 9-5 Saturday the 25th. 
     Want to just have some fun in a creative way?  Join Ms. Stephanie for our Paint A Long on Thursday November 30th from 6-8 in the evening.  The class is $35.00 and we will be painting something with the holiday theme. We have to have at least 3 but no more than 10 people so sign up early to ensure a seat in the class. 
     December 8 is our next weaving class!  Did you see the pictures on facebook of the super cute shawls made on a triangular loom?  This 5 hour class is $50.00 and all materials are provided.  Bring a sack lunch or enjoy one of the yummy eateries in town for lunch then go home with this beautiful shawl ready for gift wrapping!  Any one can do these. 
     Ever thought of having a  party "with a twist"!  We are offering our facility, and your choice of class for special events!  Celebrate a special event with a Paint Along or Weave along, or other fun creative activity!  Contact us to set up your memory making event today! 
     We are a private business.  We love to feature new artists in the area and love to offer new art and heirloom crafts to the public.  We are excited to serve you -both artist and customer...
    For information on any of our programs or events please find us on facebook :

or email us at

  or call at 615-945-4347

Sue Franks Featured this month August 2016

This is an exciting month for the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative.  Mrs. Sue Franks is our monthly feature artist.  In a recent chat with Sue she shared that some of the inspiration for her two mystery novels Barker's Pond and Do Gooder's came from growing up in a country store listening to men sit around and talk about the happenings in Perry County - both current and past.  Her family owned the store on the hill going toward Hohenwald just across the Buffalo River Bridge.  She grew up doing jobs in the store and listening to stories told about who was doing what in the county.  As well as hearing country legends told and retold.  These stories simmered in her memories until she started writing her book.  A process that took years to bring her first book- Barker's Pond to the publisher.  You can purchase these books for yourself at the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative on main next door to the Commodore Hotel.  Or from our online store  at

Another Bloomin Arts Here And Gone

Absolutely one of the best festivals by most accounts.  Tons of quality Artists filled the town and we were so AMAZED!  The organization was great and the town was wonderful and welcoming according to many out of town vendors!  Thanks to all the wonderful people..

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Spring is in the air!

Bloomin Arts is Approaching fast!    We are getting ready for the 2016 season!  We have a few new things and  will be adding more over the next few weeks so that we have plenty to represent the areas creative people!  Come in and check back if you haven't been in in a while!  We are open 11:00am to 4:00pm Wednesday, Thursday, And Fridays and Saturdays 10:00 to 2:00pm. 

Adding new products

The brand new Sheep to Shawl video by Jill Wood and Anna Webster is out!  and WE HAVE THEM!  This is a great video about taking fleece from the sheep to a woven shawl!  Have you ever been to a festival where they were sheering sheep spinning the fleece and weaving it into a shawl?  It is amamzing and this video catches that awesome experience and teaches it to YOU step by step!


Another Bloomin' Arts Festival come and gone!

Ida Edwards and E-Chota Wolf together for a photo at the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative for the 2015 Bloomin' Arts Festival!  


     We had a blast in March when our quiet little town came alive with nearly 100 vendors and 5000 folks  for the Bloomin' Arts Festival!  It was the 7th annual and bigger than ever!  The members of the Buffalo River Artisans were in rare form and really showed there stuff for the two day event!  Donna Hosse, Vicki Sims, and E-chota Wolf were helping to show off the Cooperatives items and educate folks on their art!  Former member Ida Edwards was set up outside the doors and enjoyed a good weekend two!  We want to thank everyone that came by!

Bloomin' Arts Festival Comin up This Week

The Bloomin Arts Festival is almost here!  WE are so excited!  This year we have new artists, a new exhibit, and a handmade quilt displayed.  Come in and see Donna Hosse- Japanese Fish Printing Artist- Extrodinaire!    Truely facinating is her ability to catch a fish, dab it with pigments or inks and rub it on handmade, handdyed paper to create an incredible piece of art!  If I only I could decide which one I want to hang in my bathroom when it is remodeled......

Terry and Marianne Klein have joined the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative and bring ecceptional quality hand made Jewelery to our area.  With thirty years of experience the  create outstanding pieces and can put just about anything you dream up into a custom piece.  Along with the fused glass jewelery of Vicki Sims they help us offer to you a variety of styles to fit your every occassion and mood.

     We will also have on display a hand pieced quilt by local artisan Mrs. Faye Cooper.  Her Double Wedding Ring quilt was lovingly hand peiced then quilted by the Perry County Seniors Quilter's.  Come out and enjoy her work.

   We also will have the Perry County High School Art Club exhibiting with us through the Festival.  Come out and see the paintings they created just for this exhibit. 




The Meanderings of an Artistic Mind

Welcome Back Folks, Today I will be sharing a little bit about Drawing and painting with Watercolor pencils. I found out about these little jewels by accident when I picked them up thinking they were regular colored pencils. I was thrilled ! This was something that would allow me to shave off several other steps and save me time and effort. Well, you say thats sounds kind of lazy.Lets just say I have a very short attention span and let it go at that. Please forgive the quality of the pictures. It is difficult to paint and photo yourself at the same time. So what I have done is take a series of photos of this process to share with you. Images (1&2) show a drawing of a wolf using Watercolor pencil on Acrylic paper.                                                                             The next set shows the beginning of the "painting" process. This is simply the addition of water using a brush(or what ever tool you wish).Think "Less is More" during this part.                                                                                                                       I finish up my fine details and add highliights using liquid acrylic paint . After an appropriate amount of drying time I then find a suitable mat and frame.                                                                                                                    . So here you have the short

version of of the Creative Process in action I hope this will encourage everyone to go ahead and pick up a pencil or brush and explore your own Creative Potential!! Until next time Happy Meanderings!

New Artists- Terry and Maryanne Klein Jewlery

Welcome to Terry and Maryanne Klein!

We are so excited to have jewlery artists Terry and Maryanne Klein join the Buffalo River Artists Cooperative.  They make custom and handmade jewlery.  Their moto is "Where Old World Craftsmandship Meets New Age Technology".  They can work with you to create indiviualized pieces of fine jewlery that are destined to become heirlooms!  Maryanne's specialty is wire wrapping natural stones and gems.  Terry's specialty is casting magnificent gold and silver peices using the lost wax method.  They have a jewlery case set up for you to see some of their wonderful creations!  Come by the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative to see something for that special someone in your life!


The meanderings of an artistic mind
                by E-chota Wolf
Many times I have been asked, what is the inspiration for your artwork ?  Well the short and probably most boring answer is almost anything. But since the whole idea of this is to give folks a window into my creativity, I will expound a little more on this subject. I was born with great curiosity as many people are and also a Father who encouraged my artistic expression from a very early age. This combination  meant I explored  both the natural world around me and  various ways to work with and represent the things I found there. As I grew older the spiritual 
became more interwoven with much of what I did artistically. This is continually growing and changing as my understanding of life,spirituality,and this earth progresses. So the truth is  when I see things like the interplay of light and shadow on leaves , treebark, or water, or the 
intricate structure of feathers and the complexity of their owners I get excited and want to create. One day it might be chickens(I love chickens)and turkeys, the next it might be an old rustic building. Sometimes it's other forms of wildlife or it may even stem from a dream  or conversation I may have had. This wide open curiosity about so many things is reflected in the variety of mediums and styles that I work with and continue to expand. In the short 20 months that we have lived in Tennessee I have been introduced to the world of fiber arts and some of the animals involved . This has given me yet another whole series of creative outlets and fostered a serious sheep addiction. Now hand spinning wool and other fibers into thread and yarn has become a fascination and challenge for me. I am also exploring the use of fiber and feathers in basketry. Since artistic expression has been a lifelong endeavor for me it would be impossible to cover all the bases in a single column. That being said I'll let it rest for now. Until next time Happy Meandering!! 
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