March 2014

Bloomin' Arts Festival Comin up This Week

The Bloomin Arts Festival is almost here!  WE are so excited!  This year we have new artists, a new exhibit, and a handmade quilt displayed.  Come in and see Donna Hosse- Japanese Fish Printing Artist- Extrodinaire!    Truely facinating is her ability to catch a fish, dab it with pigments or inks and rub it on handmade, handdyed paper to create an incredible piece of art!  If I only I could decide which one I want to hang in my bathroom when it is remodeled......

The Meanderings of an Artistic Mind

Welcome Back Folks, Today I will be sharing a little bit about Drawing and painting with Watercolor pencils. I found out about these little jewels by accident when I picked them up thinking they were regular colored pencils. I was thrilled ! This was something that would allow me to shave off several other steps and save me time and effort. Well, you say thats sounds kind of lazy.Lets just say I have a very short attention span and let it go at that. Please forgive the quality of the pictures. It is difficult to paint and photo yourself at the same time.