Bloomin' Arts Festival Comin up This Week


The Bloomin Arts Festival is almost here!  WE are so excited!  This year we have new artists, a new exhibit, and a handmade quilt displayed.  Come in and see Donna Hosse- Japanese Fish Printing Artist- Extrodinaire!    Truely facinating is her ability to catch a fish, dab it with pigments or inks and rub it on handmade, handdyed paper to create an incredible piece of art!  If I only I could decide which one I want to hang in my bathroom when it is remodeled......

Terry and Marianne Klein have joined the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative and bring ecceptional quality hand made Jewelery to our area.  With thirty years of experience the  create outstanding pieces and can put just about anything you dream up into a custom piece.  Along with the fused glass jewelery of Vicki Sims they help us offer to you a variety of styles to fit your every occassion and mood.

     We will also have on display a hand pieced quilt by local artisan Mrs. Faye Cooper.  Her Double Wedding Ring quilt was lovingly hand peiced then quilted by the Perry County Seniors Quilter's.  Come out and enjoy her work.

   We also will have the Perry County High School Art Club exhibiting with us through the Festival.  Come out and see the paintings they created just for this exhibit. 






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