The meanderings of an artistic mind
                by E-chota Wolf
Many times I have been asked, what is the inspiration for your artwork ?  Well the short and probably most boring answer is almost anything. But since the whole idea of this is to give folks a window into my creativity, I will expound a little more on this subject. I was born with great curiosity as many people are and also a Father who encouraged my artistic expression from a very early age. This combination  meant I explored  both the natural world around me and  various ways to work with and represent the things I found there. As I grew older the spiritual 
became more interwoven with much of what I did artistically. This is continually growing and changing as my understanding of life,spirituality,and this earth progresses. So the truth is  when I see things like the interplay of light and shadow on leaves , treebark, or water, or the 
intricate structure of feathers and the complexity of their owners I get excited and want to create. One day it might be chickens(I love chickens)and turkeys, the next it might be an old rustic building. Sometimes it's other forms of wildlife or it may even stem from a dream  or conversation I may have had. This wide open curiosity about so many things is reflected in the variety of mediums and styles that I work with and continue to expand. In the short 20 months that we have lived in Tennessee I have been introduced to the world of fiber arts and some of the animals involved . This has given me yet another whole series of creative outlets and fostered a serious sheep addiction. Now hand spinning wool and other fibers into thread and yarn has become a fascination and challenge for me. I am also exploring the use of fiber and feathers in basketry. Since artistic expression has been a lifelong endeavor for me it would be impossible to cover all the bases in a single column. That being said I'll let it rest for now. Until next time Happy Meandering!! 


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