The Meanderings of an Artistic Mind


Welcome Back Folks, Today I will be sharing a little bit about Drawing and painting with Watercolor pencils. I found out about these little jewels by accident when I picked them up thinking they were regular colored pencils. I was thrilled ! This was something that would allow me to shave off several other steps and save me time and effort. Well, you say thats sounds kind of lazy.Lets just say I have a very short attention span and let it go at that. Please forgive the quality of the pictures. It is difficult to paint and photo yourself at the same time. So what I have done is take a series of photos of this process to share with you. Images (1&2) show a drawing of a wolf using Watercolor pencil on Acrylic paper.                                                                             The next set shows the beginning of the "painting" process. This is simply the addition of water using a brush(or what ever tool you wish).Think "Less is More" during this part.                                                                                                                       I finish up my fine details and add highliights using liquid acrylic paint . After an appropriate amount of drying time I then find a suitable mat and frame.                                                                                                                    . So here you have the short

version of of the Creative Process in action I hope this will encourage everyone to go ahead and pick up a pencil or brush and explore your own Creative Potential!! Until next time Happy Meanderings!


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