The meanderings of an artistic mind
                by E-chota Wolf
Many times I have been asked, what is the inspiration for your artwork ?  Well the short and probably most boring answer is almost anything. But since the whole idea of this is to give folks a window into my creativity, I will expound a little more on this subject. I was born with great curiosity as many people are and also a Father who encouraged my artistic expression from a very early age. This combination  meant I explored  both the natural world around me and  various ways to work with and represent the things I found there. As I grew older the spiritual 
became more interwoven with much of what I did artistically. This is continually growing and changing as my understanding of life,spirituality,and this earth progresses. So the truth is  when I see things like the interplay of light and shadow on leaves , treebark, or water, or the 
intricate structure of feathers and the complexity of their owners I get excited and want to create. One day it might be chickens(I love chickens)and turkeys, the next it might be an old rustic building. Sometimes it's other forms of wildlife or it may even stem from a dream  or conversation I may have had. This wide open curiosity about so many things is reflected in the variety of mediums and styles that I work with and continue to expand. In the short 20 months that we have lived in Tennessee I have been introduced to the world of fiber arts and some of the animals involved . This has given me yet another whole series of creative outlets and fostered a serious sheep addiction. Now hand spinning wool and other fibers into thread and yarn has become a fascination and challenge for me. I am also exploring the use of fiber and feathers in basketry. Since artistic expression has been a lifelong endeavor for me it would be impossible to cover all the bases in a single column. That being said I'll let it rest for now. Until next time Happy Meandering!! 


     The Buffalo River Artisans cooperative is proud to welcome Ron and Vicki Sims.  Ron is a potter and Vicki a fused glass jewelery artist.  Ron took a pottery class in college to fill out his schedule, then  25 years later had the opportunity to take another class.  "I really didn't have any intent in pursuing (pottery) in any degree except to make a few things.  Then I kind of got bit by the bug.  It gets under your skin, and it's hard to get away from," Ron said.   He has been creating  one of a kind pieces of pottery ever since. 



     Vicki Sims is a fused glass jewelry artist.  Her pendants and earrings showcase her love of color and texture.  Strong geometric shapes and vibrant beautiful colors create unique wearable art.  "I have always loved jewelry and glass objects, so I decided to take some classes doing fused glass jewelry  and really enjoyed the process and freedom of designing individual "one of a kind" pieces," Vicki said. 

Ames Plantation This Weekend

The Ames Plantation is Saturday the 12th of October 2013!  Ida Edwards will be there with a sampling of the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative items.  All Handmade right here in middle Tennessee.  We have so many talented people involved.  Check us out at the Ames Plantation!  A couple of pictures from last years festival!  They have great artists from all over!


Sale! Soap!

Proverbs 31 Crafts is having a Labor Day Sale on our soaps! Buy 5 or more bars between 8/27--9/3 and receive 30% off! Some of the soaps will be discontinued so if there is a soap you really like please take advantage of this upcoming sale, and don't forget to tell your family and friends!  See list at the BRAC for discontinued items.  

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  The Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative is directed by a Veteran.  So this is a pertinent book for our shop!  Veterans' unemployment is crisis in America.  It is going to get worse.  So if you or someone you know is a veteran and they are unemployed give them a copy of this book.  They fought for us, now it's time YOU stand by them!

It is time for a comprehensive and permanent solution for US veteran unemployment. There are between 800,000 and 1 million unemployed veterans. This book is about how businesses and citizens can help. The book is a collaborative effort by some of the leading visionaries and participants to solve this problem. An army general, an army colonel, the president of VetJobs, a chaplain, a Congressional Medal of Merit recipient, a sergeant major, a wounded warrior, a military spouse, a Fortune 500 VP, and more contribute insightful and poignant chapters with the purpose of getting veterans back to work or assisting them in becoming successful entrepreneurs. Contributing authors from every branch of our military share their personal experiences and trials in finding employment, creating income, and establishing a secure foundation for themselves and their families. These contributing authors have chosen to continue serving by helping others leaving the military avoid the hardships and struggles they and many others have gone through 





We are now on You Tube!  watch our video to see a little about who we are and why we are in Linden, TN.  

Though August brings those last lazy days of summer, we have been working to bring new arts and crafts items to the shop!  Sue Franks  just brought in a new painting that just really is her best!  Her subjest is sheep and the painting is gorgeous! 

All of the artists are getting geared up for the fall arts and crafts fairs that we will be attending.  There are several so don't be suprised to see us in a town near you!  Come see our booth at Arts and Ag Harvest Market at the Grinders Switch Winery in Centerville, TN or  Broom Corn festival in Selmer, TN or the Ames  Plantation in Grand Junction, TN to purchase gifts for the Christmas season from local artists and crafts people.

Consider taking a class.  Stretch your creative wings and sign up for one of our many classes.  Check out the "Class Offerings" page on this site to read about the many classes.  We are particularly pleased to be able to offer another drawing class and an introduction to art class by the talented Ms. Julie Webster.  You can read more about the classes and sign up for them at her website:

 Please look around our site.  We are adding more information on the artists involved more products in our store and more pictures in our galleries.  Please check back often and look around.  Don't forget you can purchase items right from our site. 




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JULY 2013


Welcome to our Blog!  So glad you found us!    A street side view of our storefront.


Summer is in full swing.  The Town of Linden is hosting Music on Main Street every other weekend until Labor day and the kayaker's and canoer's are clogging the wild Buffalo River on the week ends!   So what is the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative doing?  


  We are hosting for the next 6 weeks a wonderful drawing class brought to us by Ms. Julie Webster of Giles County, TN.  The class aims to teach beginners how to draw what they would like to.   This class registration is now closed but in the fall she will be teaching a series of painting classes- watch the blog for the up coming schedule!  You can find out more about her classes at 

Basket weaving is an art form!  Come learn to express yourself through the creation of wonderful, and usefull baskets.  Ida Edwards is a local master basket maker!  She has been teaching here for the last four years and you can bet you will have a wonderful class!  She takes the student from tools and materials to a finished Large Napkin Basket in the 3 hours of your class. 


Basket weaving classes are scheduled on an indiviual basis.  Small groups are welcome as well so why not get some friends together and have a basket making party?  For more info email us at

Our Class offerings is now posted on this site- you guessed it under "class offerings".  You will have to email us to sign up at 

 Our summer hours are 12:30- 5:00pm Wed., Thurs., Fri., and Sat.  Closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.   Because we are a bevvy of independent artists, we sometimes have to put our artist hat down and pick up the dish cloth or fence pliers, ultimately modifying our hours some.   We hope to see you soon!  Browse, come in out of the heat or summer shower or take a class!  You will likely run into one of the artists that create the beautiful art and craft you will find at the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative. 





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We have a lot to crow about here at the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative!  March 20th 2013 was our 4th year anniversary!  We had our doors open for the 4th Bloomin' Arts Festival here in Linden, TN.  Though the weather was not that cooperative our shop was full of art and artisans creating a festive air for all who ventured in...

      We are pleased to welcome back Dustin and Janet Morgan.  Two very talented young people who were founding members of our Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative, and then they took a bit of time off.  They are back with us and we encourage everyone to come in and see the beautiful metal work that Dustin turns out at his forge, and the equally beautiful and charming hand ebroidery that Janet creates.  Their pieces are all original art- as is all the art at the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative.  She creates wonderful lip balms, and salves as well as some wonderfully eclectic hand painted and lettered signs.    Dustin is not only a metalsmith, he is a wood carver, and broom maker as well.   So do come in and see the large selection of art that they have added to our shop!  And look for their items to be added to our "store" here on the website.



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SUE FRANKS- Offering a Beginning OIL PAINTING Class This Saturday

SUE FRANKS is offering a Beginning Oil Painting Class in Linden, TN this Saturday February 16th at 9:00am.  The class will be $35.00 all materials provided and bring a sack lunch.    Please email us at by thursday if you plan to attend so Sue can prepare a canvas for you.


WELCOME!  We are the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative.  Artisans and craftspeople who live and  create in the beautiful hills  and hollers between the wild Buffalo River and Tennessee River.  We are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us and the rich heritage of the area.  It shows in the different art media represented at our Gallery/Store in beautiful downtown Linden, Tennessee.  Located next to the historic Commodore Hotel we are a short distance from scenic river vistas, and rich historic sites.  Many of us have drawn on the rich history  and heritage of this area for inspiration in our creations.  

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