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Bloomin' Arts Festival Comin up This Week

The Bloomin Arts Festival is almost here!  WE are so excited!  This year we have new artists, a new exhibit, and a handmade quilt displayed.  Come in and see Donna Hosse- Japanese Fish Printing Artist- Extrodinaire!    Truely facinating is her ability to catch a fish, dab it with pigments or inks and rub it on handmade, handdyed paper to create an incredible piece of art!  If I only I could decide which one I want to hang in my bathroom when it is remodeled......


     The Buffalo River Artisans cooperative is proud to welcome Ron and Vicki Sims.  Ron is a potter and Vicki a fused glass jewelery artist.  Ron took a pottery class in college to fill out his schedule, then  25 years later had the opportunity to take another class.  "I really didn't have any intent in pursuing (pottery) in any degree except to make a few things.  Then I kind of got bit by the bug.  It gets under your skin, and it's hard to get away from," Ron said.   He has been creating  one of a kind pie

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