To sign up for classes please email the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative at

  SUMMER KIDZ ART SESSIONS                                                $15.00 2 hours

JULY 15 DIARAMA -Creating a diarama box from a story of your making or your favorite book.  


JULY 29 PAPER MACHE- Explore the building and sculpting of paper mache over a wire form.

AUGUST 5  PAPER MACHE -FINISH the project started last week.




INTRODUCTION TO WEAVING                            $35.00     3.5 hrs

Are you interested in weaving?  This is the class for you.  It is just what it says- an introduction.  When you sign up for the class you will pick a favorite color and then I will warp a large loom for you and you then come in and in conversational style you will learn about the weaving process while creating your own scarf to take home and wear with your favorite outfits.

BEGINNING WEAVING                                         $75.00    7 hrs

This class is more involved and for the person who wants to learn more about weaving.  You will pick a project-a scarf or rag rug and then learn to calculate for the amount of yarn you will need, then you will measure it off and put it on the loom.   Then you will weave it off and take it home.  Weaving is a facinating craft and this will get you started on exploring the world of textiles.   THERE IS A $10.00 MATERIALS FEE.

A BIT OF A THRILL IS TWILL                               $75.00  7 hrs

Twill is a more advanced weave structure with a wide range of applications for the weaver.  This class is a good advanced beginner class.  The student will go through the steps to plan a set of twill hand towels.  Then measure and dress the loom with the cotton yarn in a color of their choice.  The student then will weave off the set of towels and take them home at the end of class.  THERE IS A $10.00 MATERIALS FEE.

CARDWEAVING                                                                                          $25.00  3 hrs

Cardweaving is a fun and easy weaving technique that uses little equipment, is portable, and easy to learn.  This ancient weaving method can produce colorful, and sturdy belts, sashes, and ties that can be used to accessorize any wardrobe and amaze your friends!  All materials and equipment are provided. 

INTRODUCTION TO FELTING                                                     $35.00 3 hrs

Introduction to felting will take the beginner through the fascinating process of turning wool fibers into beautiful felt.  Simple water and soap will turn prepared wool into a beautiful pair of mittens.  All Materials Provided. 


 HOW TO SPIN A YARN                                          $ 35.00   3.5 hrs 

This is a beginning spinning class.  The student will learn the basics of using a spinning wheel to make yarn with different natural fibers.



 Beginning OIL PAINTING                                                                5 hours  $35.00

We are offering another Sue Franks Painting Class July 12, 2014  Sign up by July 10. These classes are great- she provides all the materials and walks you through creating a painting and you take it home that day!  The class begins at 9:00am runs to 2:00pm  All materials provided by instructor.


Beginning Crochet                                                                       $25.00  3 hours

Fiber Artist Thomasanna Hail will teach you to turn a bit of yarn into beautiful  creations.  A crochet hook and a bit of yarn  and a few simple stitches will have you creating scarves, hats and blankets before you know it.